Our Little Turkeys Card

turkeys-007Remember drawing around your hand in grade school and then making it either into a turkey or a Native American?  I decided to update that idea to make Thanksgiving cards.  My grandmother manages to send everyone their own card for every holiday and birthday.  I usually just manage to design cards but never get them all made and sent.  Oh well.  Something to aspire to.

First, we painted The Sage’s hand with various browns and reds, then printed it on paper, trying to keep his fingers together and his thumb apart from the rest of the hand.  Alternately, you could paint a piece of plastic (throw away lids are a favorite resource here, but aluminum foil also works well), press the child’s hand onto the paint and then onto the paper.

Once the paint was dry (which didn’t take very long), we used a nice bold black pen to add feet.  We also added an eye with a dot of white paint (you can use the black pen, but the white shows up better) and added a gobbler below the beak with a little red paint.

On the inside, we stamped our short message.


From our little turkeys to yours,

have a happy day of giving thanks.



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