Super easy DIY Slippers

The Sage's new felt slippers

The Sage’s new felt slippers

These slippers are unbelievably easy and fast (under an hour) to make.  People who aren’t comfortable sewing and even toddlers (with help) can do these.  First, chose a template.  We used this one from Martha Stewart, but she has a few other styles, too.  There isn’t a difference between the right and left foot with this pattern (a plus with kids who can put their shoes on but don’t know their right from their left yet).  Enlarge to fit your foot.  If a toddler is going to sew it, make it a little larger than you think you need because their stitches will take up more space, leaving less space for their foot.  Cut your pieces from felt, fleece, a felted sweater, old fleece or felted blanket.  Fleece is sturdier than felt, especially for the bottoms, but decorative pieces can definitely be made from felt.

Template and pieces for one slipper

Template and pieces for one slipper

One slipper, pinned but not sewn

One slipper, pinned but not sewn

Starting at the toe, pin them together (I used safety pins since I was working with a 2 year old).  Now, simply sew them together using a whip stitch or a blanket stitch.   If a toddler is sewing I like to tie the ends of the thread together so that the needle can’t be pulled off.  I sewed around the top of the slipper just to make it look even and added jingle bells, which The Sage loves.  He says his shoes are singing.  I really wanted to show you a photo of a slipper sewn by a 2 year old, because they really can do it, but The Sage wasn’t in the mood to do more than 3 stitches and I wanted to get them finished.  (See the felt ornament post to see his stitching.)  I plan to make lots more of these, so maybe he’ll be in the mood another day.  The King says he is going to design Calvin and Hobbes slippers.  Fast, easy, free (I already had the supplies), and customizable how wonderful is that?

Update:  The King has started his Calvin and Hobbes slippers.   I had to buy remnant fleece (about $2 for 3 colors) and am using felt that I already had.  These are definitely taking more than an hour but he’s excited about them.   He added extra felt under Calvin’s nose to make it stand up more.  He says he really likes embroidery.   I’ll continue to update with his progress.

The King's Calvin slipper

The King’s Calvin slipper

The beginning of a Hobbes slipper

The beginning of a Hobbes slipper

Take a peek at this tutorial for a little different (and slightly more complicated) method.  Also, Allsorts has a template to make decorative elf slippers (reusable gift boxes or candy dishes).  These are decidedly not non-slip.  You could try putting puffy fabric paint on the bottom to make them more non-slip, but I haven’t tried this.


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