Chinese Knot Tying

Chinese New Year decoration in hotel.  Gui Yang, China. 2008

Chinese New Year decoration in hotel. Gui Yang, China. 2008

This is the best tutorial I’ve found for tying Chinese Good Luck or Fortune  knot (which is relatively simple compared to the knot in my photo).  Don’t rush it and pause the tutorial as needed if you need to catch up.  I suggest using safety pins on a cork board or a covered foam surface (like a cloth couch) instead of tape and paper to hold the string down.  Before you start, slightly burn/ melt the cut ends of the cord with a lighter so they won’t unravel.  I got the cording at Hobby Lobby ($2 for 24 feet if not on sale) and hope to pick up a 12 inch cork board.  Since our furniture is leather I probably shouldn’t be sticking pins in it!

Here is a tutorial for tying Dragonfly Knot part 1 and part 2.

Once I can do these in my sleep, I may have to get Chinese Knotting by Lydia Chen.  This links to Google books which has some pages excerpted including directions for the Clover Knot and the beginning of the Good Luck knot.  With younger or less patient kids, I might stop the Good Luck knot at the end of step 2 (all that is given in the excerpt) rather than doing the more complicated knot in the tutorial above.

This Chinese Knotting page isn’t fancy but does have several knots with clear step by step photos.  Click on the knot then on How To.  I have to try the flower knots as soon as I get the Good Luck knot down.  Flowers on New Year’s day are auspicious, but since we don’t have camelias,  I think knot or paper flowers are the only one’s I’ll find.


2 thoughts on “Chinese Knot Tying

  1. Wow I have been loving learning to tie knots, and find it not only a daily valuable thing to know, but can also be used to make beautiful things! I am happy I found this page, the work is breathtakingly beautiful, and the knowledge is priceless.

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