How to practice with chopsticks

hawk-counting-game-017This is a very easy way to introduce cultural differences, work on motor skills and have fun.  Get 2 bowls, cotton balls, pair of chopsticks, and a child who wants to play.  Use the chopsticks to move the cotton balls from one bowl to the other or pretend to eat dumplings.  We have several different types of chopsticks.  The King did this as a toddler with regular chopsticks, but The Sage finds the cheater chopsticks (top in photo) we got at Doc Chey’s much easier (you can also order them from China Sprout or read Tilt’s explanation of how to rig up your own in the comments).

Here is a wonderful video about how to use chopsticks and Chinese dinning etiquette.


2 thoughts on “How to practice with chopsticks

  1. I have occasionally, when eating out at a Chinese restaurant, improvised something like the cheater chopsticks for Zag by using a folded and rolled paper napkin and a couple of hair elastics (rubber bands would also work). The napkin gets folded and rolled to a size that works as a spacer and a fulcrum between the top of the chopsticks, and then you loop one hair elastic aound both chopsticks just below it, and another just above it, and adjust the tension by wrapping them around a few more times. It’s worked pretty well, although only good for a single use.

  2. Wonderful! It seemed like there should be some way to do this, but I hadn’t thought of it. Thanks for the explanation.

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