Homeschooling Ourselves

The J Lane Hawk

The J Lane Hawk

Hurry, scurry

Worry, flurry

There go the grown-ups

To the office, to the store

Subway crush, traffic rush

No wonder


Don’t grow up anymore

It takes

a lot

of slow

to grow.

Eva Merriam Jamboree Rhymes for All Times, quoted in Lucy Calkins Raising Lifelong Learners

We watched the neighborhood hawk for what seemed like an eternity today.  It was right outside our windows.  I wanted to watch, but kept thinking about all that needed to be done before nap.  I was thrilled to see it then wanted it to fly away so we could get back to work.  The King needed to finish his reading and writing, The Sage needed to finish making and cutting hearts.  It is hard to remember the need of not doing, the need of watching, the need to be slow.  As a grown-up, I’m still not grown-up and must remember that it takes a lot of slow to grow.


4 thoughts on “Homeschooling Ourselves

  1. yea, I finally managed to have a look at your updates. The hawk is great, it might inspire others to study about birds. Glad that my grandchildren are learning
    about nature !!!!! It is great that The King is enjoying the pen.

  2. The Sage was watching birds this morning. He pointed out the Cardinals, which he can identify, asked the name of a Titmouse and said, “I like cardinals”. Think we saw an eagle when we were down at the river several weeks ago.

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