Book making part 2

My Luddite PDA

My Luddite PDA

Skimming the internet can provide so much creative inspiration.  Ivy Lane Designs has some great handmade books using cereal boxes.  One type of design uses 1- 1 1/2″ square sections of candy and cereal boxes pieced together in a grid to make the cover of the book.  This is a great project to do with a group of kids.  Every kid brings a bag of squares and share.  The focus could then be on design and balance.

Crown Bindery uses simple rings to bind little books together.

I know I am admitting how Luddite I am, but I needed a book to keep phone numbers (from friends to doctors), insurance info, and directions handy when we travel.  I combined Ivy Lane Designs’ upcycled pieced printed materials idea with Crown Bindery’s binding technique to create a handy little 4″ book.  The rings make it easy to flip fully open and to change the pages.


Keeping Business cards handy

Keeping business cards handy

The outside covers are 1″ squares from state park pamphlets acquired over the years.  Three rings, spaced carefully, allow me to punch business cards and insert them.  Every thing has its own section which is separated by part of a state park map.

Inside cover and section divider

Inside cover and section divider

The inside cover is a section of a Blue Ridge Parkway map.  I punched the 3 holes before painting the cover with Modpodge to help protect it because it will get tossed around and beaten up.

Lost Button also provides directions and templates for mini books.


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