Cardboard Chair Project

My grandparents’ first table was a cardboard box.  My mom and I built innumerable dollhouses out of Pepsi boxes.  We made a kitchen set out of box for the King when we lived in India.  Sixty years later, cardboard boxes are still one of the best toys money (can’t) buy.

cardboard motorcycle

The Sage riding his cardboard motorcycle

I’m trying to give the King a larger project or puzzle to do each week, something that is interesting and thought provoking.  Last week he was told to build a chair or stool out of cardboard and glue that would hold his weight.  The Prof thought it would be too hard for a 10 year old.  Not only did the King enjoy thinking about design options, measuring everything and assembling the stool himself, but the Prof and the Sage (who turns 4 this week) made a chair, too.  Warehouse stores like Costco, BJs and Sams seem to be the best places to get large pieces of unbent cardboard, though we used some that was already cut and folded as well.  Glue (we used Elmers) and an exacto knife or box cutter are the only other supplies you need.  (Of course the Prof had to one up the rest of us by not even using glue.)

This would be a great Earth Day project.  And when you tire of the chair, simply recycle it!

3 chairs

3 cardboard chairs

Here are some other great cardboard chairs:

Cardboard highchair that can be folded flat for storage.

Of course you could always buy this chair from Frank Gehry for $984.   Oh wait, he uses screws.  That’s cheating!

Instructables has step by step instructions, but it is the collection of images that you really must see.


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