Little kids paint

The Sage was almost 4 when he painted this bear.  Our materials were: cheap canvas, student grade acrylic paints (in the tube, not the craft paints in the bottle), cheap brushes and rubber cement.  I put out a few similar colors (yellow, light green, off white) and let him paint, making sure the edges get painted also (which makes it look more finished without having to frame it).  Then we let it dry a day or two.  I made a stencil from a drawing of a bear he had done, placed it where we wanted it on the canvas then painted rubber cement over and around.   This masks the outline of the bear so he would only paint where the bear should be.  Remove the stencil before the rubber cement dries.  After the rubber cement was dry I gave him a few paints (brown, black and off white) and a small brush.  It’s ok to get paint on the rubber cement.  If any paint gets in an area where you don’t want it, quickly wipe it off with a damp cloth.  Waiting for the paint to dry completely before removing the rubber cement was hard.  Very hard.  But you’re more patient than I, so you won’t make a mess.  Rub your finger over the rubber cement to remove.

The King was a little older, probably 5 or 6, when he did his first acrylic painting based on a drawing he did when he was younger.  We painted the Spotted Salamander together and talked about painting styles (mostly Van Gogh).  I painted most of the edges and helped him keep the painting even but random.  We didn’t mask any areas with rubber cement.

So, next time your art and craft store has a sale on acrylics and canvas, stock up!


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