Remembrall- DIY

A dear friend just turned 40.  Rather than poke fun at my much older friend, I decided to give him something useful:  A new and improved Remembrall.  Neville Longbottom’s problem is that while the Remembrall may tell him that he’s forgotten something by glowing red, he can’t recall what he’s forgotten.  The new and improved version includes a Magic 8-ball type answer cube to tell you what you’ve forgotten.

The ball is a plastic Christmas ball from Hobby Lobby.  It comes in 2 pieces ready for you to fill.  I added clear glitter (a 2 oz. jar should be enough, you don’t want it more than 1/2 full) and a little lump of red wool roving (dyed cotton balls or stuffing might work, too).  The cubes are 1cm wooden cubes.  I used a micropen to write “you forgot” on each side of one of them and one thing he typically forgets on each side of the other (his brother said he’d need 6 cubes with just the things he forgets).

The gold ring was the only slightly complicated part.  I took a 1/2 inch wide scrap of matboard, curled it and cut the length so that it would fit around the center with a 1/4- 1/2 inch overlap.  Carefully using an x-acto knife, I cut the matboard into a wedge at the end of each piece so that they would overlap without being bulky.  Wrap around the ball again and mark exactly where they meet.  Pull apart and glue, making sure the pieces meet exactly.  Use a clothespin to hold it together while the glue dries.  Once dry, paint gold.  Using my handy dandy online translator, I found “I forgot” and “I remember” in Greek and then painted one on each side.

As soon as all the pieces were done, I stuffed everything in the ball, put some elmers on the inside of the gold ring and slid it into place (and wiped off a little excess glue).


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