Wordless Wednesday: Hands-on Science


11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Hands-on Science

  1. salamanders.. a little too slimmy for my tastes. although i’m not a big fan of non-slimmy lizards either really. my hubby and i are moving into a new house this week and we were greeted by a baby tookar gecko (i’m not sure on the spelling of that in english). a little bit cute, i know that tookar DO bite (my hubby was bitten last year at about this time), so we left this little one alone. she was vocalizing and ready to fight us though. hopefully she has gone elsewhere by the time we get back to the house tomorrow. 🙂

  2. It helps to have creeks that are full of salamanders. Considering how many we catch, and what a small percentage of the population that probably is, I have to wonder how many salamanders are really there. Flexible cups to scoop them up in help, too.

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