I went to the woods….

I thought the sparrow’s note from heaven,
Singing at dawn on the alder bough;
I brought him home, in his nest, at even;
He sings the song, but it cheers not now,
For I did not bring home the river and sky;–
He sang to my ear, — they sang to my eye.
The delicate shells lay on the shore;
The bubbles of the latest wave
Fresh pearls to their enamel gave,
And the bellowing of the savage sea
Greeted their safe escape to me.
I wiped away the weeds and foam,
I fetched my sea-born treasures home;
But the poor, unsightly, noisome things
Had left their beauty on the shore
With the sun and the sand and the wild uproar.


From “Each and All”

As you can see in the photo above of my drawing table, I (and all the kids I walk in the woods with) collect things to study and draw later.  Yes, it gives me more time, access to field guides, etc, but the spark of amazement seems to die a slow death the longer I am away from the woods.  I have to be in their environment, with them.  Three more weeks until I can get back to my woods.  Then trilliums, orchids, hepatica and bloodroot will all be up.  I will go to the woods, so that I may live.


Thumbnail Sketches

Sherrie York over at Brush and Baren has started her 100 Thumbnail Sketches a month project again (you should really pop over and see her amazing prints and watercolors).  It’s a wonderful idea and I really need to be sketching more.  My hope is 2 thumbnails a day, 1 from life and 1 from photos.  I needed a dedicated sketchbook for this, one that would easily fit in my bag or pocket and would fit only 1 thumbnail per page.

It stands up easily on it’s own so I can work from it later.

The Sage’s Many Faces

Blue Face

Blue Face

Red Face with Hat and Orange Face

Red Face with a Magic Hat and Orange Face

The King and the Rest of Us.  Do you think size demonstrates importance here?

The King and the Rest of Us. Do you think size demonstrates importance here?

Red person, complete with arms and hands, legs and feet.

Red person, complete with arms and hands, legs and feet.

Again, I am very thankful for the big pile of paper from my aunt.  The Sage drew this pile of faces, plus a few more, right before nap.  He hasn’t drawn many faces, but today he took off.  It was interesting how rapidly they became more complicated.  They had been playing with a magic Santa hat, so he drew one on the red face.  And he was quite excited to draw the feet on the last one.  He looked at me and said ‘feet?’ asking, excitedly if it was ok to draw feet.  Of course!  Draw as many feet as you want!  We have been using Prismacolor pencils or paint for the past few weeks, but I switched out the materials on the dining room table, putting the paint away and adding markers and stamps.  It seems that the markers encouraged him to create differently, in part because they make a bold, yet controllable mark?  Note to self: Keep materials available in a communal space and change weekly.